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What to Do When you Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating

You lie awake waiting for your husband to come home. Is it just you or does your husband vaguely smell like another woman's expensive perfume?

You wonder why your very demonstrative wife is rarely affectionate anymore. Were you dreaming or did your wife really whisper somebody else's name last night?

Before going off the deep end and accusing your spouse of cheating and ending your marriage, try to examine things rationally and objectively. Jumping the gun on your unsuspecting partner may end up with you as the bad guy. After all, inattention does not necessarily mean a third party. It can be a problem at work, marital stress or depression.

Assessing Suspicions

According to experts, the first sign of infidelity is the gut feeling that something is not right. It may be harmless on the rational level but it leaves you with a heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach. Here are some changes that you should look into more closely.

  • Your spouse becomes less responsive emotionally.
  • Your spouse becomes less involved with activities you used to do a lot together.
  • He or she becomes less interested on issues concerning your family.
  • All of a sudden your spouse becomes conscious of his or her weight and physical appearance.
  • Your spouse is always 'too tired' when it comes to sex.

Taking Active Steps

However much it would be easy for you to focus on the list above and conclude that your spouse is indeed having an extra-marital affair, it's still not that simple. If you really want to pursue your suspicions, make sure you are equipped with the right ammunition to avoid accusing your partner of something he or she is innocent of. Here are some things that you can do to further find out if your spouse is cheating.

  • Try talking to your partner about the changes going on in your marriage and the way you feel about these changes. Pay close attention to his/her reaction. Is he or she defensive or belittling your concerns? If so, your spouse is probably avoiding the topic and so you need to dig deeper.
  • Verify information by talking to people discretely. Did your spouse really visit family members during that long weekend? Was he or she really with friends when he cancelled your dinner date?
  • Be more observant at home. Check for meal receipts, appointment books, and others.
  • Hire a private investigator.

As much as you would like to keep your suspicion under wraps, the feeling that you have will infinitely get heavier and heavier. As such, try talking to a friend you trust, especially somebody who's had the experience of having been cheated on by a partner. Doing so, at the very least, will help get some things off your chest and will help you think clearer about your situation and how to move forward.

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