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Ways to Know If Your Spouse is Cheating

There are several very straightforward ways of figuring out if your spouse is cheating on you. Many are classic and time-tested, others are hi-tech, like surveillance with digital cameras and sound recording equipment. Whatever method you use, one thing is very, very important: you need to be ready to take action when you confront your partner. Suspicion is one thing, but if you investigate and find that he or she is cheating, then you will need to have a plan. From talking it out to divorce, you need to decide what your options are before the confrontation.

1) Intuition

This is one of the most important of all the tools you have to decide if your spouse is cheating. If you think you're the victim of infidelity, then you probably are. Statistics show that of all the women who believe they were the victims of infidelity, 85% of them were correct. If you think it's happening, move on to methods of proving it.

2) Pay Attention

Pay attention to your spouse's activities. Is there a pattern to the extra time he or she spends away from the house, other than work and obligations you can account for? For instance, does your spouse go to the grocery store every Thursday night at 8:15 PM? Keep a journal of this time and try to pick out patterns. Though remember, just because there is no pattern, doesn't mean your intuition was wrong.

3) Hang-Ups and Wrong Numbers

This can be one of the surest ways of indirectly catching your spouse. Keep a log of all of these phone calls and try to determine if it's the same voice on the other end of the line.

4) Check Receipts, Check Pockets

If you do the laundry, this one becomes much easier. But even if you don't find a way to check pockets and receipts for anything suspicious. A bottle of wine or chocolates are obvious. But instead of looking for romantic items, try to identify anything that was purchased but doesn't appear to have shown up at the house. Check for restaurant receipts as well, and pay particular attention to the time on the receipt. This might be able to dismantle the defense that it was a work-related lunch.

5) Check the Car's Mileage

This one is easy. Check the car's mileage, then check it again after a day at the office. If the mileage on the odometer doesn't match the distance to the office and your spouse didn't run an errand, then something is not right. It doesn't mean they're cheating, but there is some serious explaining to do.

6) If All Else Fails, Hire a Private Eye

If your amateur sleuthing can't solve the problem, it might be time to hire a professional. A private investigator often doesn't cost too much per hour, and more often than that it won't take very long for the P.I. to solve the case. If your spouse doesn't suspect that you are suspicious, he or she probably hasn't gone through many steps to hide the affair.

Remember, once your suspicions are confirmed, you will have to take action. Your spouse may deny the affair, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Be ready for this and only confront your partner with solid evidence that can't be refuted. And then, take action. Know how you want to deal with the affair and have a plan in place.

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