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Gifts - Is He Cheating

Every woman loves receiving gifts from her husband. You know, sparkling diamonds for an anniversary, a tennis bracelet for Valentine's Day, a red ruby ring for Christmas, or something simple just because. Even receiving a gift such as flowers sent to work, a surprise dinner out to a favorite restaurant and a new bottle of perfume are all cherished. The bottom line is that wives treasure all gifts, whether they cost $5 or $500, it is the thought behind the gift that really touches the heart.

The truth is the some fortunate women receive gifts for no reason, while some women receive them only on a special occasion and other women seldom receive anything. If you suspect that your husband may be cheating, and over time the gift-giving changes, you would probably wonder why. For example, if your husband gives you gifts frequently but now the gifts are not as often or if you never get gifts and suddenly you start receiving all types of things - why?

For starters, if your husband is having an affair and he usually buys you many nice things, he may be focusing his attention and money on someone else. On the other hand, if you never or seldom receive gifts but now he is doting on you, it could be out of guilt. Gift giving or no gifts do not prove your husband is cheating but a change in behavior would certainly raise suspicions. Now, there is another side to this. If your husband is having an affair, he will likely purchase gifts for the new woman in his life and you can be sure it would not be something cheap. After all, he is trying to woo her with beautiful things.

He is going to do all he can and pay all he can afford to make an impression. For this reason, you should pay attention to his credit card statements and cash flow. If he pays the bills and he will not show you the statement, if you are on the account, you can contact the credit card company, asking them to send a duplicate copy. However, if you are not on the credit card, you will simply have to wait for an opportune time to get your hands on the statement to see what purchases have been made.

The same is true with a checking account. Check the bank statements if you can. If he has an individual account, you will have to look for statements or cancelled checks. If the account is joint, look for any suspicious cash withdrawals and pay attention to the timing of these withdrawals or purchases. As an example, if you notice several hundred dollars had been withdrawn around Valentine's Day but you did not receive anything nor did you go to dinner, you would have suspicion that he spent the money on another person.

When looking at the cash withdrawals statements or slips you should also look at the time of the withdrawal, as well as the place. If your husband stated he was working late on a particular night but you find the money was taken from a bank on the other side of town at that very time, then you have proof that he just lied to you. Now you begin to question why he would feel the need to lie. In other words, what is he trying to hide from you? Keep in mind that as you find these suspicious items do not approach him, as you are on a fact-finding mission first.

When your husband is away from home, take time to look in his pockets, briefcase, backpack, drawers, desk, or any place where he might carelessly leave something. If you do find a receipt for a jewelry store, women's clothing store, restaurant, or something else that did not connect with you, take a photocopy of it and put the original back where it was. Again, do not say anything to him yet. Even if you feel as if your heart were in your stomach, you need to know for sure before pointing fingers.

Other signs that your husband may be spending time with another woman would be the hours worked. For example, if your husband states he is taking his assistant to lunch for "secretary's day" but he comes home from work later than usual, a small red flag could be raised. When he is in the shower or fallen asleep while watching the news, check his pockets or wallet for the receipt from the restaurant. With that, you could look at the time to determine if he actually took her to lunch or to dinner. While taking the assistant to dinner does not mean he is cheating, the fact that he told you a different story is what raises suspicion.

You might also begin a search of the home for places where he might store gifts waiting to be presented to his "other" woman. Check the back of his filing cabinets, in desk drawers, under the bed, in the back of the closet, in his car (when he is not around or in the shower), in the glove compartment, and so on. Remember, the gift could be something small such as a pair of earrings so keep your eyes sharp. If you do find something, wait a couple of weeks and then recheck the same spot. If the gift is gone and it had not been presented to you, then you know he is up to no good.

Remember, you know your husband very well. If you were to stumble onto a gift such as jewelry or negligee and confronted him about it, you would likely know if he were lying or not. Many times, when husbands are confronted, they will begin to make up lame excuses, only making fools of themselves. Do not become sucked in to the game but firmly and convincingly, tell him you do not buy his story. Most often, men will come clean but some will try to make you feel bad for finding the item.

Now, if you notice your husband receiving gifts not from you, pay close attention. While an assistant or colleague may give your husband a gift for "boss' day" such as a coffee mug, plaque, golf balls, tie, or similar items, if he begins to receive clothing, such as a shirt or boxers, then someone has crossed the line. If your husband comes home with a new man's bracelet, necklace, or other personal item, again this is a telltale sign that someone is too close to him. Your husband receiving expensive gifts should also tell you that something is not right. If your husband is not having an affair, he will understand the inappropriate gift and kindly give it back. If he refuses, you should begin the process of finding out why.

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