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Tips to Determine If Your Spouse Is Cheating

Are you getting the feeling that something is not quite right in your marriage? Do things seem wrong, like something is going on but you are not quite sure what it is? Unfortunately, infidelity is common in today's society, which might be what you sense. Keep in mind that all marriages go through challenges and not everyone cheats. However, if you have suspicion that your spouse is cheating, you need to learn the telltale signs.

In this article, we have outlined the most common signs associated with cheating, as well as things you can do should you suspect something is amiss. Therefore, if you notice some or all of these signs with your spouse, you probably have reason to be concerned. Once you start noticing things are off-kilter, put your own plan into action. For instance, do not say anything but sharpen your senses, paying closer attention to your spouse's actions. We recommend you keep a daily journal, tracking the various behaviors that seem out of line or out of the ordinary. Be sure to record wrong number phone calls, hang-ups, or strange hour calls.

If your spouse has to travel out of town on business, call him or her back about an hour after you have your nightly call. When your spouse returns home, check pockets for forgotten receipts. You should even smell clothing to pick up the scent of men's cologne or women's perfume. If your spouse drives for out-of-town business, check the mileage before and after the trip compared with the location where he or she traveled.

In addition, keep your eyes open to a pattern in the occasions when your spouse is away from home. For instance, pay attention whether your spouse finds excuses on a certain day or night or at a specific time consistently to get out of the house. Then, surprise your spouse with an unexpected lunch request by showing up at his or her office. Read your spouse's email. While this might seem like prying, if you believe he or she is cheating, you have right to know.

Another great way to determine if your spouse is cheating is by telling him or her that you have to work late but then come home early, but after the time you know he/she will be there. If you get the opportunity, you might check his wallet or her purse, looking for phone numbers, notes of endearment, and matchbooks from hotels, and other similar things. If all else fails, you may need to resort to using a private detective or investigator, someone who can follow your spouse to see exactly what is going on.

The sad fact is that up to 85% of women who believe their spouse is cheating are right. In addition, 50% of men feeling the same way about their wives are also correct. Therefore, if you have that gut feeling that your spouse is having an extra marital affair, chances are they are. The following are some common signs associated with a cheating spouse, so keep your eyes peeled.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse

  • Spending more time away from home
  • Not being as sexually interested in you as before
  • Distracted with daydreaming
  • Unavailable at work
  • Attending various functions outside of work that he or she wants to attend alone
  • Suddenly taking an interest in losing weight and getting into shape
  • Not receiving a return phone call from the spouse's cell phone in a reasonable amount of time
  • Leaving the room to talk to someone on the phone
  • Using the computer alone or quickly turning it off when you enter the room
  • Asking about your schedule and time away from home
  • Smell of cologne or perfume on clothing
  • Extra mileage on the car for normal trips
  • Doing his or her laundry independently
  • Having more cash on hand
  • Unexplained payments or withdrawals on the bank statement
  • Larger cell phone bill and/or longer phone calls to an unidentified number
  • Excess receipts in the wallet or purse
  • Using a phone card
  • Having stored or previously dialed numbers in the cell phone that you do not recognize
  • Suspicious voicemail messages
  • Unusual or pornographic websites visited on the computer, which can be determined through the history file
  • Using a new or free email address
  • Suddenly deleting email messages

If you find that your spouse links to any of these signs of cheating do not let him or her, know that you have suspicion. The reason is that if your spouse thinks you are onto the game, he or she will be more careful not to make careless mistakes. Therefore, keep cool until you have solid evidence of cheating. In other words, while you might suspect your spouse is cheating, try to keep it to yourself until it is the right time to take action. At that point, if you were to find your spouse is indeed cheating on you, then you will be faced with a difficult decision - to work things out or to call it quits.

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