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Catching a Cheating Spouse - Be A Snoop

So, you think your spouse might be cheating on you. Instead of spending your time agonizing, and wondering "What if?" it's time to take action. There are specific things you should look for, and some specific places you should look if you want to find evidence of infidelity.

  • Check the credit card bills - Look for charges to hotels, florists and boutiques - anywhere your spouse might have bought a gift. Then match the bills to the calendar; could the gifts have been for you? If not, this is a good clue.

  • Check his wallet, his pockets and the glove box in his car - Look for credit card receipts, particularly from restaurants and hotels. Also look for phone numbers that you don't recognize.

  • Check his cell phone bill - Look for phone numbers that you don't recognize and check the times of the calls. For instance, if he calls one number regularly during his commute, or any other time you're not around, that might be an important number. If you decide to call the numbers you suspect, do so from a pay phone so that your caller id is not recorded. Don't say anything when you call; just see if you recognize the voice of the person who answers. Very often, he's seeing someone both of you know.

  • Check his odometer - If he's been somewhere in the car, check the odometer before and after the trip to see if the mileage correlates to where he says he's been.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open - Listen for inconsistencies in what he tells you. But, don't ask too many questions or he might suddenly stop talking.

  • Read his email - Check the deleted mail folder, too. He may have deleted her emails as soon as he read them.

  • Check the cache on your Internet browser - Your web browser can show you the websites that have been visited recently. Looking at these can give you lots of clues. If he's been visiting the websites of vacation resorts, and the two of you are not planning a vacation, for instance. Or, you can see if he's been visiting dating or porn websites.

  • Smell his clothes - Detect a perfume that's not yours? It's an old cliché, but look for lipstick on the collar, too.

  • Look at his clothes - If he suddenly has new clothes, new underwear in particular, it may be a sign that someone new is seeing them, or even picking them out.

Remember that very often our instincts are true. If you think something is wrong in your marriage, you're probably right. However, that doesn't necessarily mean your spouse is cheating. If you suspect infidelity, keep your cool. It's important not to let your spouse know that you suspect him if you want to find concrete evidence. If he thinks you're on to him, he will be more careful, making it more difficult to catch him.

It's wise not to confront your spouse with your suspicions until you are absolutely sure. If you're wrong, you may have seriously damaged your marriage. It's also wise not to assume that your spouse is having an affair just because you're having one. Very often, unfaithful spouses ease their guilt by assuming their spouse is as guilty as they are.

Infidelity is a serious issue. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, be emotionally prepared to deal with the truth when you find it. Decide if you believe that your marriage is worth saving. You may even want to start counseling on your own before you confront your spouse in order to make the confrontation easier to handle. This is a difficult time in your life, so it's important to prepare for the outcome, so that no matter what happens, you can take care of yourself.

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