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Not-So-Obvious Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Unless your spouse makes it his or her full time job to cover the tracks of an extramarital affair, there will be signs that give away the infidelity. Even if your partner works unusually hard to hide the fact that they are cheating, eventually they will make a mistake, and then you'll know the truth. But the trick is to recognize the signs when they present themselves. If you aren't looking, they may pass right by you - but more common is the fact that you will be in denial. When you spot a sign that your spouse is cheating, even if they give you an excuse that makes sense, you might want to think twice before accepting it and open your eyes a little wider.

1) If your spouse's appearance changes suddenly or drastically, you might want to consider the cause. If a recent visit to the doctor made a convincing argument for exercise, that's one thing. But suddenly taking up weight lifting may be cause for concern, and may indicate something more sinister than a simple mid-life crisis.

2) A trend toward listening to an entirely new type of music or sudden interest in new types of movies might be signs of a "crush" or romantic infatuation. Maybe it hasn't graduated to a full-on physical infidelity, but emotional infidelity often leads to more, and is a sign of things to come, anyway.

3) When you come into your partner's place of work, things aren't the same. Maybe people treat you differently - particularly people who used to be warm and friendly to you. This may come off as a feeling of empathy or pity. The likely cause is simply that they know something that you don't know. Often, particularly in the case of unfaithful men, they are eager to talk about their affairs with everyone but their wives. This often includes co-workers. Also be aware that the affair may be taking place with someone in the office - perhaps even that person who used to be so nice to you when you stopped in to say hello.

4) If there is an increased amount of time spent on the computer, this can be indicative of an additional workload, but then, it may also be reason to suspect a cyber-affair, or even an affair arranged over the internet. If this increase in time spent online occurs while you are sleeping, consider investigating the matter further - it's more than a little suspicious.

5) Relating to computer use, if your spouse begins to delete emails as they arrive, or delete numbers from the caller ID, particularly when this is new behavior, you may need to consider the implications. Your spouse could easily be deleting the emails from and numbers of, someone he or she is cheating on you with.

6) A sudden change in the type or quality of underwear being worn by your spouse may indicate that someone other than you is seeing them in the buff. This will present itself innocently enough, and may even be passed off as something for your benefit, but if you're suspicious, statistics show that you're probably right.

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