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How to Hire a Private Detective to Spy on Your Spouse

You really have to know. When suspicions of infidelity start creeping in, there really is no peace until you find out once and for all. You may do a lot of snooping on your own but more often than not, this method does not really concretely verify or disprove your suspicions does it?

One avenue though that you should aid you in this dilemma is hiring an private investigator to spy on your spouse.

Choosing the Right Private Detective

It is not hard at all to find and hire a private detective. They can be found online, through your local phone book and chances are. you may even have a relative or friend who can recommend you one! However, you need to cover the following points before you hire a private investigator.

Is the private investigator (PI) licensed? A PI needs to be licensed in order to legally provide his or her services. If not, the PI is committing a criminal act each and every time he is spying on your spouse. It is easy to check if the PI is licensed. Just ask him for his license number and using this information, give the licensing authority in your state a call to see if it is valid.

Is the PI insured? A PI needs to be insured for your own protection. Do not forget that when you hire a PI, he or she is acting in your behalf. And in his/her job, it is very possible that he/she can damage property, get in an auto accident, need to present false IDs, and more. As such, it is imperative that a PI is insured to cover any potential loses incurred while spying on your spouse.

How experience is the PI? Most PIs get paid by the hour so knowing his/her experience is also a matter of economics for you. Obviously, a more experienced PI has a better chance of finding out what you need to know the soonest possible time.

What is the reputation of the PI? It is very likely that you may not get a list of previous clients from a PI as many would rather stay 'unknown'. However, any client not happy with a PI's services will likely lodge a complain with the corresponding state's Better Business Bureau or State Attorney General's office. You can thus get in touch with these departments and check if any complaints have been filed against the PI.

Do you need a contract signed with your PI? YES. I know that you want this whole spying thing done as discretely and anonymously as you can but do not forget that you are paying someone to provide you a service and this needs to be documented for your own security. The contract can be very basic but should state how much you are paying the PI for and what it is you should get in return for services provided.

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