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Investigation of a Cheating Spouse

One of the most important things you can do if you think your spouse is cheating is good investigative work. With something this important, you cannot just guess or start accusing your husband or wife. Instead, you need to have documented proof, facts that show he or she is having an affair. In this article, we will show you some ways in which you can start the investigation of a cheating spouse.

Many times a spouse in an affair will spend money on the other person. This may be in the form of gifts or it could be dinners or hotel rooms. Therefore, you want to do some work by scrutinizing cancelled checks. If your bank does not send cancelled checks with the monthly statement, it would be worth the small fee to have a copy of cancelled checks sent to you. For this, you may need to go back several months and if you cannot get to the mail before your spouse, have the checks sent to your work or to a friend's house.

You know the spending habit and budget within the marriage so look for expenses that would not be connected with your marriage. For instance, if the two of you never dine at a certain restaurant but you find one or more checks to that establishment, document it. If you never shop in a particular area, of town but you find money has been spent at shops or restaurants within that area, again, document it. Write down the name of the restaurant or shop, the date visited, and the amount of the purchase.

You want to do the same thing with credit cards. If possible, look at the expenditures on all credit cards, both personal and business. If you are on the account, contact the credit card company and have them send you a copy of the itemized statement. This will show you not just the name of the company but also the date, the time, and the purchase. In fact, it might even show you what was purchased.

Once you have done all your homework, looking in coat or trouser pockets, purses, wallets, desk drawers, dresser drawers, cars, and so on, you may need to move toward surveillance. While hiring a private investigator can be expensive, it might be worth the investment. If you find the process too expensive, then talk to a close friend about going on a surveillance job with you. For this, all you need to do is get a car that your spouse does not recognize.

Then, you will need to disguise yourself, which can be done wearing wigs, padding clothing to make yourself look heavier, and doing whatever you can to change your appearance. Then, on a night when your spouse says that, he or she needs to work late, head to his or her office and stay in wait. If your spouse leaves and heads home, great, you know things are fine. You could then call to let him/her know you ran an errand and are on your way home. If your spouse leaves and goes somewhere else, then you can follow to see what is going on. It might be nothing or it could be something.

After you have your suspicions confirmed then you want to think about moving yourself to another bedroom. The reason for this is twofold. First, you want to protect yourself physically. For instance, if your spouse were having unprotected sex with another person, you want to protect yourself against any type of sexually transmitted disease. IN addition, you want to strengthen your legal position. In other words, knowing your spouse is cheating and sleeping with him or her could hurt your case in court.

Now, you need to understand that doing your own surveillance comes with a risk. For instance, if your spouse is cheating, you are going to find things that will hurt. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the worse. For some people, self-surveillance is much too difficult, actually causing an adverse effect. If you think you can handle finding an affair fine, but if not, then you should consider using a professional private investigator to do the dirty work for you.

How can you stop a cheating spouse? This is the multimillion-dollar question. For one thing, you want to make sure you choose the right spouse from the beginning by taking time to get to know the person. Then, take the learning one-step further by conducting a pre-relationship check, looking into the person's background. With this, you could learn many deeper things that might otherwise never come out.

While some people think this is taking the investigation too far, it would be far better to know about a dark past ahead of time than learning after marriage. Unfortunately, cheating has become more commonplace in today's society so if you find that your spouse is having an affair, just remember life will go on. Yes, there will be challenges and it is a sad situation but it is not the end of the world.

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