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Dealing with a Cheating Wife

One of the challenges of a cheating wife is getting enough evidence to prove your suspicions are right. Women are intuitive, meaning they usually know when someone is onto them. Therefore, if you suspect your wife may be having a little extra curriculum activity outside the marriage, you will need to be careful when collecting evidence.

The truth is that unlike men, women are generally very sensitive to leaving clues around, taking great steps to clean up anything that might get them in trouble. With the computer, communication with someone other than the husband becomes easy and private. Knowing where to delete information is not difficult. However, if you think your wife is communicating on the internet then you have some great options for finding out without her knowing you are even looking.

For instance, you will find a number of devices now available that can be plugged into the computer. These devices are made to capture and display key combinations, along with storing an ongoing log of activity. No software installation is needed but the device is powerful enough to capture more than two million keystrokes. Best of all, these devices are impossible to detect and, they cannot be disabled. The result is that you will have proof of what was typed, to whom it was typed, and when it was typed. When it comes time to present the evidence all you have to do is print it off. Whether email, instant messages, search engine searches, websites, or chat room talk, you will know everything.

Another option to determine if your wife is having an affair is with surveillance. With this, you would be able to tail her to see where she is going. For instance, if your wife informed you that she and a girlfriend are going out for the evening but your gut tells you otherwise, you could use a different car and perhaps a disguise to follow her and then videotape her actions. Okay, she may actually be meeting with a girlfriend but if you were correct about her cheating, you would have an opportunity to capture it on tape.

If you want surveillance on your wife but do not want to see it firsthand, then you could hire a professional investigator. You would be amazed at how many men and women want their spouse followed but feel embarrassed to talk about it. Some people feel as if the affair was due to something they did. While there might be things in the marriage that could be improved on, there is never an excuse for a spouse cheating. Therefore, realize that professional private investigators understand and are not there to judge, just to help uncover the truth.

Remember, sometimes a spouse will have a feeling that the husband or wife is cheating only to find out after surveillance that nothing is going on. In this case, you would have 100% peace of mind that your marriage is solid without your spouse ever knowing you had suspicions otherwise. During surveillance, the investigator would be documenting the whereabouts and goings on of the spouse to determine if misconduct is in fact occurring. Since this would be done by a licensed professional, you do not need to worry about any laws being broken.

If you believe your wife is cheating and you have decided to use a private investigator, the most important aspect would be the planning. Since you know your spouse's normal behavior better than anyone else does, the investigator will depend heavily on you for information about her actions and plans. The more information you can provide the better. In addition to making the surveillance more successful, it will ultimately cost you less money since the services of an investigator are generally billed on an hourly basis plus mileage.

Just as with the computer, you need to work with a professional who is completely confidential and skilled, meaning your wife will have no idea she is being watched. Although there are cases when cheating spouses find out, most often the investigator will do everything possible to be discrete and covert. Typically, if the investigator believes the surveillance is in jeopardy, they will back off and discuss with you a better approach. Just remember that if you feel your wife is cheating, do not threaten her about a private investigator since the goal is to secure documented proof before she is suspect that you know something is up.

However, if the surveillance of your wife is successful, you will be provided with videotaped evidence of her rendezvous. In addition, the private investigator will provide you with written documentation of his or her findings. Once you have the information, you would need to decide the best time to approach your wife, letting her know that you know about the affair. Then, the two of you would need to decide on a game plan for your future.

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