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MAKE Your Spouse Want You Back!

Often times, separation makes people realize all the more why they should be with the person they married. If you are one of these people and want your spouse to feel the same, well waste time no more and start making yourself the hot man/woman your spouse wants to be with for the rest of his/her life. again.

Makeover Time - Re-Inventing Yourself

Marriage has its weird way of making people settle into a comfortable state. Unfortunately, this phase makes us neglect ourselves physically and emotionally to the point where we become people WE ourselves don't recognize anymore. So if you want your spouse to look at you again with love, lust and longing. follow these tips.

You really need a NEW look. Change the hairstyle you have been sporting for the past years! And yes, this advice is for both women and men. For wives, cut your hair, get it colored, get it permed! For men, get a new haircut. If you are struggling with baldness, then be aggressive and have all your hair shaved off or start considering a hairpiece.

Take a look into your closet and throw off all those baggy, comfortable and safe clothes and start looking at clothes stores with more interest.

Get into shape! This is probably one of the most common problems that couples have. Again, because we settle into our marriage too nicely, we tend to neglect our physical features. There is no sense beating yourself up now so the best thing is to get back on track!

There are so many ways to get back into shape. Start walking or jogging again or enroll in a gym or health club near you to encourage you to stay on track with your drive to get into shape.

Get into a totally new hobby. One of the reasons that married couples fade from each other is the utter lack of 'spice' in their lives. Couples reach a point where they know each other so well that there is absolutely nothing that they don't know about each other anymore.

As such, make yourself exciting in the eyes of your spouse again by taking up a new hobby that he/she never thought you could do or had any interest in. For instance, if you never showed any inclination for cooking, then enroll in a cooking class. If you were never the outdoor type, learn how to scuba dive!

Go back to the person your spouse first met. Sometimes, in the course of years of being together, you tend to forget the reason why your spouse fell in love with you in the first place. Are you not as romantic as you were before? Don't you surprise him/her with restaurant dinners or weekend trips anymore? Well go back to basics. Sometimes all your spouse needs to want you back is to see what he/she lost in the first place.

One last item to check as part of your efforts to make your spouse want you back is this - are you the type of person your spouse can REALLY talk to? Sometimes, partners drift apart because they can no longer communicate the same way. For instance, husband can only talk about his work while a wife can only talk about the kids.

One way of improving yourself is thus going out of your way to learn more about the world your spouse is living in (apart from the one at home). By doing this, then there is again a sort of 'common ground' that you and your spouse can stand on.

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