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Should You Set Up a Honey Trap?

Advice for those seeking the "Nuclear Option"

Do you ever wonder if your spouse is unfaithful? Increasingly, people who suspect their partners of infidelity are utilizing a technique long known to be successful by private investigators, police departments, and even the FBI. If your goal is to know if your spouse has a tendency toward infidelity, you might want to try a honey trap.

What is a honey trap? Simply, a honey trap (sometimes called a honey pot trap) is a kind of "sting operation" in which a person hired by you approaches your spouse and attempts to seduce him. Your agent is usually an attractive woman, particularly one of a type that you know will appeal to your husband. This person approaches your spouse at time of increased opportunity and lowered inhibition - at a bar or even on a business trip, when your partner might feel more able to get away with cheating. Your agent then attempts to seduce your spouse, luring him into physical contact or a verbal affirmation of his intentions. A honey trap proves intent, but not infidelity.

So why is a honey trap the "nuclear option" for catching your spouse in acts of infidelity? Well, simply because the decision to undertake the setup of a honey trap is a very, very serious one that could lead to the truth - but the truth could also lead to disaster. The decision to organize a honey trap should not be taken lightly, and the consequences and repercussions should be weighed against your need to know.

The first thing to remember is that a honey trap will not tell you if your partner is cheating on you. A honey trap will only demonstrate your partner's willingness to cheat. For some this may be enough, for others, it may only create more uncertainty. Particularly difficult is the potential for a reasonable defense on the part of your partner after being caught in the trap - namely that it was an unrealistic situation that he would never have been put in had it not been invented by you. You will also be confronted with a very difficult decision: is knowing that your partner is willing to cheat as actual physical infidelity? If the answer is yes, then a honey trap will serve your needs. If not, or if you're unsure, then maybe you should think twice about entrapping your spouse in this way.

There are a few ways to go about "building" a honey trap. The easiest way is probably to hire a detective agency that specializes in entrapment of this kind, but whether you hire an agency or do it yourself, you will need to consider a few things.

What type of person is your spouse attracted to? It is definitely not true that any attractive girl will do. Even if your spouse has a predisposition to cheat, it may be difficult to convince him to. Think about everything from hair color preference to personality. Remember that you are trying to create a fantasy. You will also need to create an opportunity. You may want to hire someone to follow him on an overnight business trip, or, if possible, leave town yourself. He will be much more likely to cheat if he has the extra freedom of being away from you.

If your spouse falls into the honey trap, then you will have a piece of knowledge that you will probably have to act on. If he doesn't, and the honey trap only yields good news, then you never have to tell him. But be aware that if he ever finds out that you schemed to entrap him this way, there will be huge repercussions, and the relationship might end no matter what the result of the trap was.

Be extraordinarily cautious when testing your spouse like this. Be aware that if you ask a question, you'll get an answer - even if it isn't the answer you want.

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