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Spying 101 - How to Become your Own Private Detective

Are your suspicions eating on you? Unfortunately, once one starts thinking that his or her spouse is cheating, there really is no end till you know for sure once and for all. Hiring a private detective can solve that burning question but if you cannot afford it or your suspicions are still at the 'budding' stage, then doing your own spying can also help you arrive at the truth.

Offline Spying

  • Check out your spouse's clothing. Are there lipstick marks or unexplained stains on your husband's clothes? Is your wife's business suit uncharacteristically rumpled (and you know she is such a neat freak).
  • Check your husband's wallet or briefcase; are there stashed condoms in there? Check your wife's purse, bag or briefcase; are there birth control pills tucked away?
  • Sneak a peak at your spouse's agenda or calendar. Of course, do not just take the appointments listed there for what they appear to be. For example, if it says "Tuesday afternoon - dentist", call the dentist and check out discretely if that appointment is true.
  • Check his/her mobile phone. Are there contact numbers there that are completely alien to you? Check the Received Calls and Dialed Numbers sections and see who your spouse has been talking to recently and for how long. Check the SMS messages at the Inbox and Outbox too.
  • Check for any theater or movie tickets amongst your spouse's papers and see if you can remember being with him/her during those night outs.
  • Bills, bills, bills. Are you finding hidden, balled up receipts in clothing garments? Keep an eye on credit card invoices as well. Most purchases are made via credit cards and your spouse can easily slip and make a purchase with them.
  • Follow him/her. If your spouse needs to go out of town for business, follow him/her. If your spouse is not cheating, then simply surprise him/her by being there and saying you wanted to make a vacation out of it.

Online Spying

Online infidelity is a growing trend and so it is indeed likely that your spouse is cheating on you with a cyber-mate or carrying out an affair with another person 'closer to home' and using the Internet to foster that relationship. Either way, you can find out.

  • Enter the room where your spouse is on the PC unannounced and see how he/she reacts. If your spouse immediately turns off the monitor or tries to block the screen from your view, something smells fishy.
  • Use the PC when your spouse is away and check out the Internet browser's Bookmarks folder and History. Check out the cookies stored on the PC too. All these will let you know the websites your spouse has been busy with lately.
  • Buy spying hardware. These devices can be easily plugged at the back of your Pc and will register the keystrokes of your spouse.
  • Buy spying software. These applications can be easily installed on your PC at home and it will record emails your spouse sends or receives, keep track of his or her chatroom discussions, log websites he or she has visited, and more.

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