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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse, Part One: Using Audio-Visual Recording Methods

So you think your spouse is cheating? Well, unfortunately, statistics say that you're probably right. Of those with initial suspicions, 85% of women, and 50% of men eventually discover those suspicions were correct.

There are two reasons to pursue a "covert investigation" into your partner's possible infidelity. The first, and most obvious, is to catch your partner in the act so that you can confront him or her without incredulous denials - the pitiful hallmark of a spouse caught red-handed. Another reason, and one just as valid, is to put your mind at ease. After all, just because 85% of those suspicions are correct, doesn't mean that your suspicions fall under the 15% of misplaced worries. In either case, proving or disproving your suspicion without your spouse knowing that you're even worried is of utmost importance. Here are a few techniques for 21st century sleuthing that may confirm or deny your suspicions, but at least you'll know - and knowledge is the first step in moving on.


We are a long, long way from the old days of the set-and-forget cassette tape. Tapes like that ran for 45 minutes, and if you were lucky, you might have a unit that could flip the cassette and record on the other side for a grand total of 90 minutes, which was perfect for recording an LP, but useless for catching a cheater.

Today, digital audio recorders offer hours and hours of uninterrupted audio recording, dependent only on memory and bitrate. Very small, covert recorders can be purchased from online "spy supply" stores for under $200 and range from audio recorders hidden in pens, to slightly larger units with 36 hour recording times and built-in telephone recording capability. Finding the right device shouldn't be a problem with a little online research.

Placing the device is a little more difficult, however, as you will need to decide how your spouse might be communicating with the alleged paramour.

A few ideas include:

1) Placing the device in a drawer near the telephone most often used in the house. This will record at least one side of a telephone conversation - probably enough to know.

2) If you have a panel ceiling, one of the panels can be lifted and the recorder placed above. This would be useful in recording a conversation in the room.

3) A much more risky option would be to invest in the smallest possible recorder and hide it in the fabric of a jacket, or in the lining of a briefcase. The newest audio recording devices can easily be this small, and will record everything throughout the course of your spouse's day.


Just like audio recording devices, video cameras have gotten smaller and come down in price. Video cameras are so small, now, that the size-limiting factor is actually the media used to record the images.

For under $500, even this can be overcome, with cameras that are little more than CCDs (the microchips that capture light) attached by wire to a recording unit hidden somewhere else. By looking for "spy video camera" or "small video camera" online, you can determine the right camera for your needs. Perhaps a small consumer digital video camera will work for your purposes. This could be left out on a table, or situated under a bundle of clothes on a counter. If you require a more hidden, covert method of recording, one of the smallest spy cameras - sometimes only the size of a fingertip - can be fixed to almost any surface and virtually disappear.

Here are a few suggestions on hiding the device.

1) Placing the camera in a plant is an old classic. This is particularly effective now that cameras are so small. The wire and the fingertip-sized camera can disappear into the texture of the plant.

2) Place the camera in a dark part of the room, or a remote corner. The shadow will help to draw attention away from it.

3) Putting the camera below eye level will help to conceal it. Put it near to the floor if possible.

There are many other variations and options when it comes to audio visual surveillance. There are combinations and a wide range of quality and prices. But generally speaking, for under a few hundred dollars you can set up a system that will expose a cheating spouse or even give you peace of mind.

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