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How to Catch an Online Cheater using Internet Surveillance

Just because your spouse is at home does not mean he or she is 100% faithful to you. The Internet has completely modified the way we live - everything from shopping to dating has changed. As such, just because your spouse is 'safely' clicking away on his/her keyboard at home does not mean he or she is not cheating on you. Yes, we are talking about online infidelity.

Online Infidelity - What You Can Do.

If you suspect your spouse of being an online cheater, following are steps you can take to verify your concerns.

Not many people are online savvy and so it is highly possible that your spouse has left many online 'tracks'. As such, the Internet browser you have at home can be your best friend. Through it, you can find out many things about what your spouse has been doing online.

  • Check Bookmarks. If your spouse has been a frequent visitor of a particular site, it is likely that he or she may have made the mistake of bookmarking that site. So all you really have to do is take a look at these bookmarks and click on them to see which sites your spouse has been actively visiting lately.
  • Check your PC's Internet history, which outlines all the sites your spouse has visited for the day. Again, all you have to do is click on any site and see what it's all about.
  • Check the Internet cookies or session cookies from websites that have been stored on your PC. If your spouse was careful by not bookmarking a site and went one step further to clean his tracks by erasing the Internet history for the day, you can still check the websites he or she visited by checking the cookies that are stored on your PC.

Cookies contain information about visitors (in this case, your spouse) to a Web site. It is usually stored under [drive]:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. From here, you can check out the sites that your spouse has been visiting from as far back as a year if it has not been 'cleaned' by your spouse.

If you realize that your spouse IS online savvy and that none of the steps above brings you any closer to proving or disproving your suspicions, then consider using specialized hardware and software.

There are devices you can use which you can just plug at the back of your PC and it will register all the keystrokes of your spouse while he or she is online. You can then retrieve this data at a later date and find out once and for all what your spouse has been up to online.

Keylogger software is also an option you should explore. These applications are very powerful and you can even find out the passwords your spouse has been hiding from you. If your spouse is more of an email kind of person, most keylogger software takes snapshots of emails while they are being composed so it does not matter whether your spouse deletes the emails he or she sends or not.

Explore the all the above options so you can put your mind to rest. However, always be ready for what you may find out.

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